Welcome to EOSC Performance API’s documentation!

Compare and analyze benchmark results from diverse cluster providers at the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) using our Representational State Transfer (REST) Application Program Interface (API).

Getting started with EOSC Performance API

Learn more about how to use our endpoints to get valuable benchmark results from multiple providers or how to submit yours.


From version 1.2.0 benchmarks accept images out of docker-hub.

Advanced features of EOSC Performance API

EOSC Performance API offers many advanced features and options. Learn more about these integrations and how you can get the most out of your application when using our endpoints.

Extending EOSC Performance

EOSC Performance is an open source project which hopes to evolve and provide with the time better functionalities to the users. Our source code was build in order to be understandable and easy to maintain by the community. Any help is welcome, therefore we have prepare a section where developers can understand better the bases of the application.

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